Social Media Marketing

In 2017, if your movie isn’t being marketed online, or being talked about online, does your movie even really exist?

Social Media is the most powerful marketing tool you have. Twitter can engage with millions of different people, you can create custom ads that cater to each kind of person to get them interested. You can even create hype for something that maybe people are on the fence about. Twitter can even make or break a film, with millions of people sharing their outrage at once with a hashtag.

Even Christian movie makers are using more unique avenues, including social media, to market their films. To market the movie The Case for Christ, Christian movie studio Pure Flix Entertainment used “glossy study guide for church groups. Posters. Door hangers. Customizable sermons. There’s a social media campaign, complete with Facebook art and shareable memes. There’s messaging to the believer and the skeptic. There was an “eventized” premiere, put on by Fathom Events, which included a live Q&A with the director and talent simulcast to theaters around the country.” Marketing is not just posters any more, its personal.

Social Media marketing can also build hype for a movie, something people like but need more motivation to see. Take Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. This a new film in an ongoing series that began in the 80s. There are lonely fans, but this is not a movie that anybody particularly asked for. So to build excitement, Fox is holding an “Alien Day” celebration on April 26th. This “Alien Day” will have such events as a live-streamed Q&A with the cast of the upcoming movie. “It will be streamed live on the movie’s social media channels as well as at The site will also host rotating quizzes throughout the day, giving fans a chance to win, among other prizes, a trip to Hollywood to see Ridley Scott’s imprint ceremony at the Chinese Theatre.” All of this hype will be sure to get people interested, and of course you doesn’t love prizes?

But social media also has the power to create hype and excitement for things that do not exist. Two DC properties have been on the receiving end of rumors and misinformation in the past weeks. First, with rumors of Armie Hammer as Green Lantern, which he says are just hopeful Twitter fans, and second, with Joss Whedon and Batgirl. Variety reported that Joss Whedon was in talks to helm a Batgirl movie, but neither Joss himself or Warner Bros have confirmed their report. Social Media is powerful so Armie Hammer could be Green Lantern if people wanted it enough, and depending on if the Batgirl news is true or not – since most people in the industry found out about it from Variety – it could make or break that too.


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