A Short Intro

This blog will strive to form a narrative about film and the ways various forms of media interact with it. Film is a form of media that has been around since the 1890’s when the motion picture camera was invented. Since the invention of the motion picture camera, people of all varying talent have used the camera as a way to create something that they feel needs to be created, whether it is experimenting with the new technology or commenting on something in society. Film is a constantly changing medium, it has always been innovative, political, and unstable. But that is what makes film a fascinating subject to examine. With this blog, I want to look at the way film, and films, have reacted/ been used to react, to the constantly changing technological landscape and also the way it has been used a vehicle for political commentating. Hopefully, you will learn along with me.

To end, I would like to link you all to the oldest surviving piece of film in existence. It is from 1888 and recorded by French inventor Louis Le Prince. The film itself is only 2 seconds long, but this YouTube video has it looped for about 22 seconds so you can really see the people and the movement of those people, which at the time, was the most exciting thing.


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